Dear Darryl

The quality of the meat and poultry from Weinberg's Organic Meats is excellent. My family can taste the difference between your healthy product versus "conventional" fare. The poultry is very plump and juicy, the steaks are tender.  I appreciate that you personally answer telephone calls, go over my order with me, and deliver within a day or two - bringing my order right down to my basement freezer.

I would not hesitate to recommend Weinberg's Organic Meats to any consumer.

Yours truly,
Caryn Friedman


Every piece of meat I've received from Darryl has been extra flavourful and tender compared to what I was used to getting from the grocery store, and it's great knowing that the meat I'm eating has been raised in a healthy, cruelty free environment. I also really appreciate how personable, friendly and helpful Darryl is. Even going as far as giving us cooking tips for cuts of meat we've never tried before. We feel that we get all of the benefits of ordering from our local butcher, but with the added convenience of having the meat delivered to our door.



Hello Darryl Thank you for going out of your way to deliver your meat to accomodate my work schedule last week. I finally got to taste some of the meat you had delivered to me just last night..... WONDERFUL!!!!! This was the best meat I have ever tasted. Ever. You have a customer for life!!



Thank you for your friendly greeting and delicious brochette. I would like to let our friends know about you so we will be eating lots so we can give our testimonial.

With Heartfelt Gratitude,
Kathryn "RARA" Asaro Mayers
Owner & Strategist of THE BRIDGE


I purchased a couple of burgers and a t-bone last Friday.

The hamburgers were outstanding!
The ones I bought  had just been made that morning and needed to be quickly cooked.



I happened upon Darryl Weinberg at his kiosk at a farmer's market at Bayview & Steeles. If My schedule permits, I will be at the kiosk every Friday to have an organic burger, produced and grilled by Darryl. Truly, the burger was of the highest quality and very tasty. I should know as I have been eating burgers for a great many years! I wish continued success for Darryl.

Eric Bornstein


Hey Darryl! Just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much I enjoyed the awesome burger I got from you at the Hillcrest Mall Farmer's Market last Sunday! I've been telling everyone about your great meats! I can't wait until the next Market day so I can get another one! Thanks so much! 
Theresa Millington
 I'm a huge fan of Darryl's organic meats! Especially the chicken breasts. They don't shrink while cooking, like the kind you get at the grocery store and they taste much better!
David Saraiva
Absolutely some of the best meat and for sure the best chicken I have ever had! I, too, would not hesitate to recommend Weinberg's Organic Meats to anyone.

Jermaine Carty


My husband and I have been extremely selective about our food and the choices we make. We met Darryl in Richmond Hill at the Hillcrest Mall in the summer. We knew instantly that Darryl was the person who we would do business with and build our food relationship with. Our most recent order of lamb was a debate on how to cook it and after we made a slow cooker lamb stew we almost wanted to call our friends over and say "what are you doing right now we just made this delicious lamb."  Now we tell our friends about Darryl's excellent service and excellent organic meats. We shop only with Darryl and would recommend you rely on this personable professional man to give your family the nutrition it wants. Thank you Darryl and we are sharing our great news and food with our friends.
To Your Success,
Kathryn "RARA" Asaro Mayers
Founder & Strategist 


I normally don't write this kind of email, but your products and personal service was so extraordinary that I had to give thanks to you. I have purchased grass fed products from you twice now and the products have been excellent. My mom who was born and raised in Portugal always says “its like the chickens we raised on our farm”. It was absolutely mouth watering! The chicken and beef and salmon have been the most incredible we have ever had. And thank you so much for your late evening deliveries...no store i know is open that late Please tell your wife that her home made chili was fantastic, everyone enjoyed it. Thank you. Please extend our thanks to your wife and suppliers. 


My husband and I have been clients of Darryl's since early in my pregnancy.  Dietary choices were always important to us, and with a little one on the way, there was no doubt in our minds about ordering quality organic meat.  Not only does Weinberg's Organic Meats provide quality, but after our baby was born, Darryl was kind enough to present us with a gift certificate toward more delicious food to keep nourishing our busy bellies.  My husband and I were bowled over.  We receive the kind of pleasant, personal service that includes letting us know when our favorite meat is in stock.
Thank you Darryl!
Ni-Cha Pamajewong