Why Organic?

With all the talk about eating organic today and whether it is worth paying the extra price for, we must first ask what is organic?

Up until the middle of the 20th century, livestock was raised naturally.  Then, after WWII as the population exploded with the Baby Boom generation, the pressure was on to find ways to increase production.  Cattle farmers began to use growth hormones and steroids to increase the size of the animals and reduce the time they took to get to maturity (both of which are currently banned in Europe).  Antibiotics were introduced not just for treating an animal that got sick but as a preventative measure for all animals.  Pesticides and herbicides began to be used on the feed.  Animals were chained up in the barn without the ability to move around which causes great amounts of stress.  More and more measures were instituted to supposedly make things better but in reality, our food became more and more toxic.

Today, people complain of not being able to digest meat properly, that it doesn’t taste or smell very good and that there are serious health effects to eating conventional meat.

Weinberg’s Organic Meats offers 100% certified organic meat to those who want to go back to eating the natural way.  Certified organic means:

• No use of growth hormones
• No use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
• No use of any drugs (e.g. antibiotics)
• No use of animal by-products for feed
• No use of chemical pesticides, herbicides or fungicides in the field
• No use of chemical fertilizers in the field
• Animals are treated humanely (i.e. allowed outside access)
• Livestock is fed 100% organic food
• Inspections are performed by an independent certifying body on a regular basis

King Solomon said “A righteous man has regard for the life of his animal.”  By using traditional farming methods, although it takes longer and is more expensive to raise the animals, they are happier and contain far fewer toxins which in turn provides healthier and better tasting meat that has significantly less impact on the environment.

Despite many articles published by media sources that have questionable economic ties to the food, drug and chemical industries, the scientific evidence that meat and produce grown without the use of chemicals and drugs is considerably better for you and the environment is overwhelming.  At Weinberg’s Organic Meats, you can enjoy food the way it was supposed to be while being kinder to the world we live in.